Since the release of our first vintage, from 2008, Ancre Hill Estates has been recognised with medals in some of the top international wine competitions in the world, including Decanter, IWSC, IWC and winning the Bollicine del Mondo in 2012.

Ancre Hill estates Winery

Proposed Winery at Ancre Hill Vineyard

In order to continue our development, plans for the construction of a new winery here on the Estate were approved in 2012. It is hoped the new facility will be operational for the 2014 harvest.

The Ancre Hill Estates Winery will be an extension of our philosophy in the vineyard. External inputs will be minimal, with the implementation of several sustainable technologies. Natural materials will be used over synthetic ones wherever possible with the walls to be constructed from straw bales and a living, green roof, providing temperature and humidity regulation. Waste water will be treated by a series of ecological pools and plantings which will also provide many of the plants used in our tisane treatments for the vineyard.

Ancre Hill Sparkling wine

Sparkling White 2008

The style of our wine will also evolve, with small batch fermentations occurring almost entirely in oak barrels and concrete cuves. Fermentations will be carried out by wild yeasts and bacteria with the avoidance of filtration and fining for the finished wines. Our wines, as with our grapes, will be fully DEMETER certified, adhering to the strictest production criteria. We believe working in this way will not only create better wines qualitatively, but wines of greater integrity and sustainability. The Winery at Ancre Hill will allow the full benefits of our experiences growing and making ‘natural’ wines in Burgundy, Roussillon, Champagne and New Zealand to be displayed.