Vintage Report 2013

And so another harvest is completed. The 2013 vintage could not have differed any more from 2012. A very late spring gave way to a May, June and July that provided day after day of hot, dry weather. Conditions at flowering, bunch set and bunch closure could not have been better and it was apparent early on that 2013 would be a large crop. The excellent weather combined with the continued development of plant health allowed us to further reduce copper and sulphur sprays to 1.6Kg/Ha and 3Kg/Ha respectively. However August and September brought cooler weather and very overcast mornings most days. With such a late start to the growing season, it became apparent that it would be a late harvest, with slow véraison and sugar accumulation.

Harvest began on the 28th October with the Triomphe and ended on the 2nd November. We harvested 15.5 tonnes in all, the vineyard yielding just over 2 tonnes/acre on the Chardonnay and Pinot noir and 3 tonnes/acre on the Triomphe. Quality was excellent with no disease at all and perfect sugar and acid levels.

Wines from 2013 will include; Blanc de Blancs, Blancs de Noirs and Sparkling Rosé, Still Chardonnay, Pinot Noir red, Still Rosé and a Triomphe red. In line with our full Organic status, 2013’s wines have all completed fermentation using indigenous yeasts, with a maximum of 1.5% chaptalisation only for the still wines. They are all presently showing the potential to continue the progression in quality that we have seen from vintage to vintage.

The 2013 vintage will be a watershed moment for Ancre Hill Estates, as from 2014 our wines will be made at the new, purpose built Winery here at The Ancre Hill.

Many thanks for all those who have given their time and effort throughout the growing season and harvest in order to make 2013 a stellar year.