Vintage Report 2012

Vintage 2012 has come to a close. It has been an extremely testing season, officially being the wettest summer ever with some of the lowest temperatures on record. Many UK Vineyards posted their smallest harvests ever with inconsistent quality, whilst many didn’t harvest at all.

There was extreme pressure from Downy Mildew, especially on the pinot noir and also  powdery mildew, for the chardonnay. However here at Ancre Hill, it seems we faired better than most. We remained disease free, except for a very late infection of downy on the pinot noir, managing to reduce the already minimal sulphur levels in vineyard from 2011 and used only 2Kg/Ha of copper on certain sections (demeter standards through derrogation allow a maximum of 3Kg/Ha averaged over a 5 year period, whilst organic regulations allow 6Kg/Ha/year).

The crop was very small, on average 0.4 tonnes per acre, but of very good quality. Sugar and acidity levels were consistent with 2009 and 2010 whilst we have seen a further development of flavours, which appear to be progressing year on year as the vines age and the biodynamic practices kick in.

The wines produced from 2012 will be a sparkling rosé blend of Pinot noir and chardonnay and the final Seyval blanc release in the form of a still white.