‘Goodbye’ Seyval Blanc

Ancre Hill Estates Seyval blanc

Ancre Hill Vineyard has said goodbye to its Seyval Blanc. The remaining 900 vines from the vineyard’s initial plantings in 2006 have been grubbed up to make way for our second planting of Albariño in the spring 2013. We have enjoyed great success with Seyval Blanc since producing our first wines in 2008. Numerous Decanter silver medals have been won for both still and sparkling wines as have awards at the IWSC and IWC. Most recently our 2008 Sparkling white, 100% Seyval Blanc, was voted the best sparkling wine in the world at the 5th Bollicine del Mondo. However the future focus of our sparkling wine production will be on the production of just three wines; Blanc des blancs (Chardonnay), Blanc de noir (Pinot noir) and sparkling rosé (Chardonnay/Pinot noir blend).

Though a risk, as Albariño is seldom planted in the UK, we believe that the higher natural sugar levels achievable with this variety will allow us to make a quality still white wine without chaptilisation.

The final release of Seyval blanc from the vineyard will be 2012’s still white. Check the news page for release dates.